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Logo Breakdown.

The goal was to give the restaurant a clean and minimalistic re-design while maintaining the "mom and pop" spirit of the place. For the logo itself I wanted to give off a small diner feel. Something that could live as a buzzing fluorescent in the storefront. The audience needed to know that this chicken is far from sober so I added a shooting star to symbolize the spins and an x'd out eye for a bit of crude humor. The chicken's comb is also shaped like a cowboy hat to compliment its southern rootsTo top it off, the word mark needed to embody the same kind of drunken feel so I offset the letters to make them seem like they were struggling to find their footing.










For the colors, it was obvious to work with the palette of a chicken!  I stuck with a feral white as the primary, to set a light organic farm tone, and used a burnt orange as an accent. This also compliments the color palette of most of their dishes which involves a giant fluffy biscuit accompanied by some lip smackin' fried chicken. For even more contrast I added a worn black in the mix.





Menus can be overwhelming so to help people what fits their personal taste I used iconography to create a simple pattern to help  form a natural process of elimination. The common theme for most dishes were; a biscuit, type of meat, and sauce. The sauce posed as the personality so to give each item its own uniqueness I used a picture of the main ingredient found in each sauce.


To fill in the dead spots I came up with a few quotes and phrases that coincide with the advertising above and tie together the theme of each category of the menu. The biscuit sandwiches for example are each named after the owners family members and at the end of the day, whether you're related or not, family is who you food with. Because of recent events the restaurant is pushing mobile order and pickup so I made sure to design the menu to be easy on the eyes for both digital and print viewing.

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